Monday, May 4, 2009

Water Leaks and catching up

I have a lot to write today because we have been so busy the last week. We visited the family in Albuquerque and had a wonderful trip despite having a stomach virus pass through the entire family pre and post trip. Then our bestest friend Sharon came to visit for a few days and relax with us....or stay busy as it turned out. Of course it all culminated today with having the city turn on our irrigation water and blow out our sprinkler backflow at the same time that a plumber was here because we found a bubble in the basement ceiling above the bed. Good news....he couldn't find a leak, bad news.....he couldn't find a leak and WE HAVE MOLD. I'm waiting to hear from the insurance adjuster as I write. So......I will put up some pictures from all the excitment but for now I just want to get everything safe around here.

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  1. My goodness. You've had quite a week. I'm sorry to hear about the mold. Hopefully it isn't the really bad kind and you'll be able to get it all cleaned up. It seems like there's always something when you own a home though. The last two weeks we've been dealing with our peach tree that is falling down. We think it just reached the end of it's life cycle and huge branches will just come crashing down. And then on Saturday we found termites eating an old tree stump in our front yard that we had turned into a flower bed. No sign of them near the house but the front yard is much too close for comfort!! Oh well, at least all the excitement keeps life from getting boring. =)
    Hope all your excitement is easily fixed.


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