Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Exactly why I don't need to go to bed...."

Last night our bedtime routine was interrupted by the door bell. Needless to say it woke Sam up enough that she didn't really want to go to bed, even though I knew she was exhausted. Once I put her in her bed she would cry if I left the room. So, I stood over her bed and we sang and tickled (softly on her face) a little to try and become sleepy. Well, she started up a conversation and I could just tell that she was explaining to me why she didn't need to go to sleep. She used many different sounds and expressed a lot of emotion as she informed me of not being tired. I simply just kept repeating to her that it was bed time and therefore we go to sleep. Eventually she did get tired and spent a little time quietly in bed talking with herself, within minutes she was conked out. It was such a blessing to really feel the bond and interaction with her.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the doorbell disruption even though it sounds like it turned out well. My neighbor has two very little ones and her husband gets a lot of deliveries to the house for work. The doorbell kept waking the babies up and she ended up putting a sign above the doorbell asking people to knock so they don't wake the babies.
    Glad everything is going well with you and Sam.


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