Monday, March 31, 2008

We also have received a wonderful stroller from Rob's family down at the Scuba Diving Shop, Thank you. It is one of those active three wheel strollers that can go on the beaches and hiking in the mountains.
We had our second appointment last Thursday with the midwife. It was short and sweet....get weighed, pee, listen to the baby's heartbeat!!! This weekend was also exciting because we got the crib from our friends Eric, Dane, and Tara, Thanks guys it's beautiful. Because we have a bed for the baby now my mother and I went and found the perfect bedding, of course we're having it custom made because the baby is already spoiled:)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Starting the 13th week, the baby just has to grow now!! My tummy actually feels good today, let's hope it lasts. AJ and I got into a discussion, as sometimes happens these days, about the important decisions we need to make sure are consistent when raising our child. The bottom line comes down to the fact that we will need to keep up loving communication as situations arise. We know that the foundation of our marriage is strong, as is our individual morals. If we stand strong in those areas then we can't do too bad.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Not much going on this last week. We are actually relaxing this weekend. One big discussion we've started is what kind of work I'll continue and the new budget that comes with it. I really love managing businesses and want to continue in some form, but we both agree that time with a child is precious. We'll see, it always can work out with some good communication.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Of course with meeting the midwife she was able to bless us with the first pictures of our little one. The Little person had a gorgeous heartbeat and even danced for us, wiggling arms and legs. Everyone is correct when they say you can't even imagine:) You can see the bambino at the bottom of the black area in the ultrasound. He is very curved but plenty active.
Well, it's been an amazing weekend starting with meeting our nurse midwife on Friday and really feeling wonderful about the choice we made. She was very warm and interactive, plus very informative without overwhelming. She delivers all her babies, it does mean however that we have to go to Littleton but it's worth it!!! AJ and I both feel secure and enriched by what Diana can bring to this experience.