Tuesday, June 30, 2009

9 month photos and menu for the week

Here are a few pictures that my sister took to mark Sam's 9 month journey. To see a few more check out our picture album over on the right.

Menu for the week:

Monday - Meatball spaghetti with homemade bread

Tuesday - Chicken Cabbage salad

Wednesday - Taco Salad

Thursday - Homemade pizza with olive oil, artichoke hearts, and other veggies

Friday - Grilled fish and grilled corn on the cob

Dad gone to work...
Saturday - Sunday leftovers and veggies, maybe some cornbeef hash with eggs

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Camping up Poudre Canyon

We haven't been camping for 2 years and thought that Sammie would love it because she is such a fan of the outdoors. Well, it was a blast. In fact the worst part was the drive because she is beyond the ability to last 3 hours in the car, and screaming in a car is the WORST!!!

We spent two nights up at a wonderful campsite called Jack's Gulch. We went with a pay campsite because we weren't sure of how it was going to go and wanted to make it a little easier on ourselves. The camp was well worth the money and the best kept I've ever seen, although I've never camped in such an organized campground. I'm just going to post the pics and they will speak for themselves....
Manly Man, chopping down the forest. He was the fireman both nights with the bestest, longest fires!!!
Peek - a - Boo
Beautiful Hiking trails
Out Cold...AJ prepared breakfast burritos the second morning with beans, eggs, green chilies, and turkey bacon, YUM!!!

Look for the little person in the tent hangin out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Samantha slide show

Check out this wonderful slide show my sister put together of Sam. We just got together this week to take her 9 month photos. I'll post some when I receive them from her. For anyone local she is really building her photography business and would love to take any baby or family pictures. She is extremely creative and will help accomplish what you are looking for in a picture.

Check her photos out, or contact her on her business website I AM Alive. She also has an Etsy shop with great cards, bookmarks and products.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vote for Amie's picture

Amie entered a photo she took of Sam at this blog. Go and vote for her, it is the picture of the baby's hand and foot. Be sure to leave a comment and vote in the pole on the left side!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Food for camping and busy days

Monday - Rotisserie Chicken; corn on the cob; baked potatoes

Camping for the first time with little Sammie!!!! We are sooooo excited.
Tuesday - Friday
French Toast
eggs, toast

Lunch and Snacks
PB & J
Chicken salad

Hot dogs, pasta salad
Turkey burgers, carrots and celery, fruit
Bean Burritos

Friday - Eat out with Gramsi in Popop who are in town for a long weekend!!

Saturday - Chicken Kabobs, Rice

Sunday - Meatball spachetti, homemade bread

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Day

We have been going nonstop so here is a quick update for a FIRST Dada's Day!!!! When Sam woke up she visited dad with his present in tow......we got some ear protection to be able to go with him to the car races. We can't wait to show off our pink headset at the track, especially since Daddy is going to put our name on them:)

We started the morning off with a leisurely trip to Morrison Colorado (in the foothills) for a stroll and some breakfast. It was a very peaceful family trip and lot of fun. Sadie even got to go.

Then we came home and went to work on the house........we patched our drywall holes from the water leak, then tore up our laundry room floor, sanded, primed, and laid down new tiles. It was a ton of work, our hands are really sore, but it looks amazing and feels like such an accomplishment. Sam was a trooper and helped in many ways.

Here is an indication of the trouble that we get into these days.....not only are we crawling all over the place but we love to be up on our feet!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

9 months

Our baby has now been in existence for 1.5 yrs. It's hard to believe how fast it goes and how much she is changing and becoming such an integral part of our lives. There are a lot of celebrations, and a few coincidences that have and will occur over the next week.

Today Sam got to meet the ER Dr. that first found her on an ultrasound when she was the size of a pinhead. This fabulous reunion was courtesy of AJ's Kidney Stone. Yes, AJ experienced labor (only worse) this morning and we needed to get him some relief at the ER. Dr Avner happened to be his Dr. and was also the Doc that checked me out the night before we left for Costa Rica. We weren't very pregnant and I had some spotting.....long story short it was scary to go off to a third world country and think that something may happen, obviously it all worked out. AJ is feeling much better and is still awaiting his little birth experience. We have plenty of pain pills to keep him comfortable.

In the midst of this we are going on our FIRST CAMPING TRIP. We are taking our new tent (anniversary present) to celebrate our growing family and our 3 year wedding anniversary. We are so excited to introduce Sam to the wonderful world of cold mornings, long hikes, and gorgeous starry skies. We will report and have pics when we return.

Sam also had her 9 month checkup with the eccentric Dr. Stage. He told her everything she needed to know at this point and informed her she is right on track. She is in the 60% in height and head, and the 20% for weight at 16lbs. She is 'moving'(and I mean moving) along beautifully and should have some teeth any time. He mentioned to her that she will begin to understand specific words better, especially words like "no" for safety. As she was reaching for his paperwork he sternly told her 'No' and she, not letting go of the papers mind you, looked up at him and just had a look that said, "excuse me"!! It would have made the best ad for telling your children no. He commented that he wished he had a picture of that moment. I fret that it is just a sign of how stubborn she is going to be for the next, how long is it we have to wait till she's out of the house? Just kidding....it is going too fast already I just hope that we remember to cherish everything. We will start with a peaceful camping trip........

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good eats

AJ and I just sat down for a nice dinner together in the quiet summer eve. It is so nice to really spend time together as a family whether it is having fun or doing chores. I made something new from a 'blog friend' Shannon over at Nourishing Days. I have never even tried canned Wild Salmon but I look forward to future endeavors. It was especially surprising to me that you just leave the bones in for extra calcium and, she was correct, we didn't even notice they were in the cakes. What a surprising addition to our healthy options.

I do have to say though that there is nothing like fresh veggies from the local soil. I'm soooooo excited to have our farmers market begin in July. I simply love the walk into town every Saturday to see our 'growing friends' that bring us the most vibrant of tasties. I also always have my ideas open wide for more options to bring to our family. Since Sam is beginning to eat more and really LOVES to eat with her own two hands I'm looking for good tasting things that can just be chopped up small. One thing we've tried lately is eggs for breakfast. However, my parents are in between chickens so we don't have the great taste from their eggs(the old chickens stopped laying and the new ones are too little....it's a lot of work to have them commingle). So, I have found a co-op in south Denver!!!!! I'm so excited and am waiting to see their products. It appears very simple with ordering online and pickup locations all along the Frontrange. So, if anyone in Colorado gets this info go check out and support High Plains Food Coop. I found them through the wonderful sight Local Harvest.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu for the week

Today was busy to start a busy week.....

We had a wonderful morning with the moms and kiddos and finished at the Hudson Gardens as the rain came. Here is a semi group picture
Then Sam and I were busy saying bye to dad, doing payroll, and going to the dentist....ok Sam didn't go to the dentist because she doesn't even have one tooth.

Check out other menus at Menu Plan Monday
Monday - Leftovers
Tuesday - Pasta w/ veggies and feta
Wednesday - Empty the fridge....

Thursday - Baked Telapia; Ramen Cabbage Salad

Friday - Salmon cakes; grilled asparagas

Saturday - Something from the freezer

Sunday - BBQ Chicken; potatoes; grilled veggies

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We have crawling....

I have some great video that I will put up soon....I'm hoping to get some help from Popop with making the video!!!!

Dad's Car Show
First....we sold the Chevelle....it now has a wonderful loving home in Fresno California!!!! This makes way for AJ to race the Camaro.....But first we had a 1st annual Car show in Castle Rock. It was a wonderful turnout with over 100 cars entered. AJ and his friend John took their 69 Camaro's down and hung out for the day.....there were a lot of really nice, and REALLY expensive cars. Grandma, Sam and I walked down and hung out for most of the day. It was a ton of fun!!!

Just a few notes to record for the 8th month.....
Sam is.......
Proficient at Zerberts
Newest sound is Da-Da.....Aj thinks she is calling h
im....ha ha...maybe soon
No teeth yet, still two white bumps down low
Loves to eat on her own....uses her thumb and pointer to pick up food like blueberries
That is all i can think of for now!! We are running around like crazy:)

Bath time is such a blast, a lot of water splashes out!!

Play time with our girlf
riend Caroline!!

Look closely for a visiter in our backyard!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ok, I'm playing catchup again because we've been out of town a LOT!!!

Memorial weekend horse event with the entire family...

The Cribles, O'Briens, and McCrackens all spent memorial weekend at a wonderful horse event south of Colorado Springs. The entire family did wonderful with Amie, Dad and I all vying for the win, and in the end we all kept swapping place at the top!!! A shout out must also go to Grandma and Albert. Grandma was babysitter and most importantly the show would not have been without her organization and running of the entries and scoring. Albert was the best babysitter, groom, and picture taker. AJ came for the first day and hung out in his shorts and flip flops (getting very funny looks from the cowboys) but had to fly to work too soon. I only got a few pics because we were so busy all weekend. As you can see the horses were tired!!!!

Great Grandpa O'Brien's 90th Birthday Celebration in Miami...

We spent the week in Miami with the entire O'Brien clan (Tim and Amanda we missed you). It was such a wonderful time had by all with lots of visiting, lots of eating (around the globe from Spain, to the Mediterranean, to Venezuela), and lots of relaxation. We enjoyed the beach, multiple pools and most of all a wonderful family birthday celebration. Great Uncle Carl and Aunt Kathleen hosted a shindig at their house for G.G's Birthday, including a tasty cake in the shape of 90. The food was amazing, especially the fresh fish, caught and prepared by Uncle Carl. The entire family helped out and we even got a great family photo (in the rain). I will post this when I get it!!

Hangin' w/ Popop at the hotel, we had adjoining balcony

Surprise!! The Great's didn't know we were coming.

Lounging at the Biltmore pool

First Sandbox and Swing...

Grandma and Grandpa Cribley, in keeping with the beautiful weather we are having, are helping Sam get ready for her first summer. We now have a sandbox in our backyard (since Sam loved the Beach so much), and a swing at their house. Sam loved the beach so much that we had to rinse of in the sink at the beach because she was covered in sand.

AJ and Grandpa put the sandbox together, with a token helper Gary. Then we all had some fun going down memory lane of playing in the sand. Grandma and Sadie doing what they do best....supervising.

Grandpa and Uncle Albert had to build a support for our swing because none of us have big enough trees. It also has a swing for the bigger kids to play on.


I did good on the budget this week at $100 even, including food for all the moms and kiddos coming over on Monday!!!

Check out other menu's below.

Dad gone:
Sunday - Ate fabulous fish, artichokes, and potatoes at Grandma and Grandpas after a beautiful horse ride following tornado warnings.

Monday - Mommy group food: Peta - chicken, fish; yogurt w/ granola;Hummus
Tuesday - Indian Dish
Wednesday - Pizza w/ Hummus, mushrooms, and Feta

Dad home!!!!
Thursday - Baked Telapia; Ramen Cabbage Salad;

Friday - Deer pot roast w/ egg noodles in crock pot

Saturday - Grilled Chicken; Grilled Veggies; rice

Sunday - Chicken, Artichoke heart, parmesan sandwiches; Cucumber Salad