Saturday, June 20, 2009

9 months

Our baby has now been in existence for 1.5 yrs. It's hard to believe how fast it goes and how much she is changing and becoming such an integral part of our lives. There are a lot of celebrations, and a few coincidences that have and will occur over the next week.

Today Sam got to meet the ER Dr. that first found her on an ultrasound when she was the size of a pinhead. This fabulous reunion was courtesy of AJ's Kidney Stone. Yes, AJ experienced labor (only worse) this morning and we needed to get him some relief at the ER. Dr Avner happened to be his Dr. and was also the Doc that checked me out the night before we left for Costa Rica. We weren't very pregnant and I had some spotting.....long story short it was scary to go off to a third world country and think that something may happen, obviously it all worked out. AJ is feeling much better and is still awaiting his little birth experience. We have plenty of pain pills to keep him comfortable.

In the midst of this we are going on our FIRST CAMPING TRIP. We are taking our new tent (anniversary present) to celebrate our growing family and our 3 year wedding anniversary. We are so excited to introduce Sam to the wonderful world of cold mornings, long hikes, and gorgeous starry skies. We will report and have pics when we return.

Sam also had her 9 month checkup with the eccentric Dr. Stage. He told her everything she needed to know at this point and informed her she is right on track. She is in the 60% in height and head, and the 20% for weight at 16lbs. She is 'moving'(and I mean moving) along beautifully and should have some teeth any time. He mentioned to her that she will begin to understand specific words better, especially words like "no" for safety. As she was reaching for his paperwork he sternly told her 'No' and she, not letting go of the papers mind you, looked up at him and just had a look that said, "excuse me"!! It would have made the best ad for telling your children no. He commented that he wished he had a picture of that moment. I fret that it is just a sign of how stubborn she is going to be for the next, how long is it we have to wait till she's out of the house? Just is going too fast already I just hope that we remember to cherish everything. We will start with a peaceful camping trip........

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