Friday, November 27, 2009


I just read a wonderful book, on AJ's recommendation, called "The Shack." It is amazing how the Lord can help to provide something that you really need to read in order to bring home something realistic in your current events. It is of most importance that we live in the present. While a lot was emphasized to AJ and I in this book and it touched us, there were certain things that took us back to His Word to help us grow. One thing that was interesting to me was to talk about it with a friend and see the different mind sets of people and how we read what we want to read and how this book, like the Bible, has so many different levels that most people don't even touch in exploration. Like His word, our relationships are multifaceted and complex, but they don't have to be, they can just be about Love.

Yesterday AJ and I hosted a fabulously chaotic Thanskgiving Day. Our family all came over, consisting of 13 adults and 5 children, we are truly blessed by everyone. We were missing Amanda sadly. She drove all the way up here from Albuquerque to spend her day sick in the hotel. She did get some of the chow, after Gravy ate the first plate we made her!!! We also were missing Amie and Albert all non-thanksgiving over in Germany, but we all talked with them over Skype!!! Hope you are feeling better Albert. The rest of our hectic crowd had an exhausting but loving time. If someone was hungry it was their own fault, between the Turkey deep fried by Grandpa Cribley and the Roast masterfully prepared by Poppop O'Brien(and Tim), plus all the extras from the Gurley, O'Brien, Cribley women:)

Most importantly it was a joyous day of just spending time together allowing our blessed relationships to meld together. We really do need to let go to the Lord and be thankful to Him especially for the special people we hold dear to our hearts, mainly Him.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful menu

I was getting a little board with our menus and some weeks it is tiring to search for new ideas. So.......
I went to our mommy play group (and yes it's a double entendre because the kids play, and the mommy's play as well!!) and suggested that we each provide 1 recipe each week. This give 5 recipes out of seven days without having to work hard. We all enjoy healthy eating habits and I believe enjoy new ideas. So far it's working wonderful!!!

Mon - Yummy & Easy Burritos (mommy recipe)

Tues - Autumn Cabbage Soup, homemade tortillas

Wed - Family cocktail party at the Cribley residence

Thanksgiving -
we decided to go big today by inviting 4 families to our house!!! There will be the most rewarding chaos with 13 adults and 5 children running around giving Thanks to our FATHER!!!!

breakfast - Egg and veggie quiche, O'Brien Hash Brown Casserole

Eat Too Much Meal -

Deep Fried Turkey
Slow Grilled Beef
Corn Bread Pudding
Cranberry Chutney
Green Bean casserole (Tempura Onions)
Spinach Turkey Bacon Casserole
Roasted Veggies (squash, onions, carrots, etc)
Autumn Salad
Sweet potato dish
Mashed Potatoes
Fruit Pies (made by Tim the pastry chef!!!), ice cream, whipped cream

Fri - John Elway's Hamburger Soup w/ a slow cooker twist (mommy recipe) or leftovers:)

Sat - Pinapple BBQ Chicken w/ Quinoa

Sun - Leftovers, of which I'm sure we will have plenty!!!!

Check out other lovely thankful meals at Menu Plan Monday

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I must have been dreaming about sleep because it was on my mind when I woke up. It has been coming up in random places lately and I was realizing how blessed we are that it isn't a focus of discussion around Samantha any more. She is turning into a little one that can sleep anywhere and loves to go to bed at night.

I bought AJ this new song that he discovered makes him think of Sam, it's Fireflies by Owl City. One DJ described it as Strawberry Bubblegum in audio form, and it truly works. It is very young sounding and has great rhythm and sounds, Sam loves it too. Anyway, it talks about sleep and how we should dream so big that we never want to wake.

In the other direction my friend Jill has been awake so much lately that she, the fabulous mother of 2, actually asked me for sleep advice for her youngest little Katie. I told her that it gave me a good laugh that she was coming to ME for advice. However, this morning I was really reflecting on the blessings that have occurred over the last year, many of which involve night feedings. I feel so pleased that we chose to really listen to ourselves and most of all Sam to decide what she needed. I can never replace those times when she needed me and I was ALWAYS there, graciously enjoying the sacrifice of my own sleep. YES that is right enjoying a lack of sleep because it was for my daughter. I especially look back with fondness now that she is a great sleeper.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Monday - Take out from Tasty House.....always yummy.

Tuesday - Diner with Gurleys!!! Bring salad and bread.

Wed. - Moroccan Vegetable Hot Pot

Thurs - Baked Pasta w/ Spinach and Sausage

Fri - Leftovers

Sat. - Autumn Cabbage Soup

Sun - Black Bean Burritos

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little moments

As I rest my elbows on the dryer a busy mind is absorbing it's surroundings. Time moves slowly as a pea sized object is moved from a noisy hard surface to plush quietness. Oh wait, here is another object, silence is it's objective. Where do I place them, what is my need, how am I to interact with my environment?

A friend of mine just the other day wrote about how the smallest advancements in his young daughters life bring such joy to his day.....only he realized that when put into words it is so boring without the emotion, especially if you aren't a new parent yourself. Well, I see and feel everything you are experiencing Adam, it's AMAZING!!!

Here are some pictures from this fall....First trip to the zoo with the Gurleys

Grandpa and Sam completed their first 5k walk for diabetes!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Pictures....

We made it to Puerto Vallarta

Well, we took a chance and WON!!!! We headed to the airport hoping to go to Mexico standby with Zero seats available. There was a back-up plan to visit San Diego if necessary, but somehow 4 people didn't show up to fly to Puerto Vallarta and WE MADE IT!!!!

We had no idea where we would stay, what we would do, or if we could get back. In the end our resort was perfect, we relaxed the entire time (except for the 5 hour hike AJ and I took in the jungle), and made it back rested. We took lots of pictures so I'll let them tell the story.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

MEnu plan; back with a vengeance

It has been forever since I planned a menu in writing. We are starting to make one meal for little Sam (13 months now, can you believe it) and us, and we all eat together. We had a wonderful time last night as we all prepared the meal - dad did is part to carve the chicken, Sam and I made the veggies and pasta on the stove as she hung out in her sling. I think that she really enjoyed the meal better having helped to prepare it. She especially loved the spinach, lima bean, corn mixture that we made up with goats milk and some cheese and spices. She had 3 helpings!!!

I love to get ideas for menus over at Org Junkie.

Mon - Chicken Fried Rice; Cabbage casserole

Tues - Bakes Huevos

Wed - spaghetti and meatballs; salad

Thurs - Tuna w/ Apple lettuce wraps; potato wedges

Fri - Leftovers

Sat - Poor Man's Pierogies

Found a new website that I enjoyed for food:

gluten free mommy

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mexico here we come...hopefully....

We'll see everyone in a week....we may be in Mexico....or we may be in San Diego.....either way we are headed somewhere for a little vacation!!!

Shout out to Amie and Albert in Germany....having their own adventures:)