Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little moments

As I rest my elbows on the dryer a busy mind is absorbing it's surroundings. Time moves slowly as a pea sized object is moved from a noisy hard surface to plush quietness. Oh wait, here is another object, silence is it's objective. Where do I place them, what is my need, how am I to interact with my environment?

A friend of mine just the other day wrote about how the smallest advancements in his young daughters life bring such joy to his day.....only he realized that when put into words it is so boring without the emotion, especially if you aren't a new parent yourself. Well, I see and feel everything you are experiencing Adam, it's AMAZING!!!

Here are some pictures from this fall....First trip to the zoo with the Gurleys

Grandpa and Sam completed their first 5k walk for diabetes!!


  1. Even the aunt feels the awesomeness of it. I'm so sad I'm missing it. Keep posting pictures!

  2. Well, I may not be a new mom... but I too think it's amazing how much children learn and grow and change in their first few years. I especially love how excited they get over little things like discovering acorns or leaves. It's a great reminder for us to remember to appreciate little things too. I love all the pictures. Looks like you had a great trip to Mexico.


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