Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lighter note

Next belly picture. Sandy took it when the OBrien's visited this weekend. Here is a picture of our cradle. This is a family heirloom that is at least 100 years old, my mothers, aunts, mother slept in it. It appears to be a 'Bentwood' and will be sleeping it's 6th generation.


AJ and I are exhausted today. We had a very busy weekend, some activities together, some apart. Non the less we are really tired and still going. Right now AJ is painting the trim of our new patio door, it's amazingly beautiful and even more wonderful in use. I'm going to do a lot of needed updating on this blog, we are starting to get busy this summer.

In my tiredness (no excuses) I bit my mothers head off this evening for no reason of hers. In all the discussions following I came to the simple conclusion that we need to think about how we can better ourselves, not change or effect others. It is about looking inward. It's NOT easy!!!! AJ and I are constantly discussing how to balance our own selfishness with selflessness, especially with a little one coming into the picture. This weekend is a perfect example, all day Saturday we spent together with family and friends supporting Dane in his Pinewood Derby, then celebrating Passover and Dane/Tara's birthdays. It was a satisfactory, but giving day. Today i went riding my horse all day while AJ raced his car. It is wonderful to come home and share our experiences of the day as long as we truly leave the selfish place we want to dwell in from exhaustion. It is more important to notice the people around us then revel in the "joy" of the day. We need to recognize the joy that others bring to our experiences.

i just want to say that "I LOVE YOU ALL"