Friday, February 25, 2011

Menu 2/28/11

Sun - Garlic Thyme Chicken Soup; fresh bread and cheese

Mon - Turkey Thighs w/ Pesto; Sauerkraut

Tues - Soup from freezer Borscht, cabbage? We'll see?

Wed - BBQ chicken Pizza

Thurs - Pot Roast; Turnips

Fri - Chicken(geek style Roasted); cabbage slaw

Sat - Dinner w/ Friends!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Menus 2/21/11

Sun - Grandpa (the bachelore) coming for dinner!!! He's bringing fish and asparagus, we'll add something to the mix, cauliflower fritters?

Mon - Quiche; salad

Tues - Leek Soup; I did this totally different with Butternut Squash in place of potatoes, and half the amount

Wed - Tacos

Thurs - Salmon w/ Ume Plum Vinegar; squash??

Fri - Green chili turkey burgers

Sat - Sara and Libby in town!!!!

Try next week: BBQ chicken Pizza

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Momentus Occasions

What marks time?

Rolling over, wearing underpants....

These are excitements in our world over the last week.

It's time for the potty dance, Sam is done with diapers after 5 days of being dry all night!!!! I didn't really think that it would be so nice, but wow it's AMAZING!!! Here are some memories to embarrass boys later.

This is a blanket and pillow G & G Cribley gave Sam to use at the evening storytime at the library, it was a potty present!!

We can't forget the little Ella Bella. I don't know how but she ROLLED OVER today, multiple times from her back to belly. She will be 16 weeks can she be rolling over already? Where is that thing called time going, how are we supposed to enjoy every second when they are flying by?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sun - Beef meatballs with creamy, cheesy chard and tomatoes

Mon - Curried Mutton w/ Eggplant and Lima Beans

Tues - Baked fish; spaghetti squash

Wed - Chicken Tam Kha Soup (or our version of Chicken Lemongrass w/ coconut milk)

Thurs - Minestrone w/ Kale and Yams

Fri - Green chili turkey burgers

Sat - BBQ chicken Pizza or crepes with different fillings. Possibly with friends!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Menu 2/7/11

Sun - Superbowl w/ grandma/grandpa; or soup and cheese quesadillas

Mon - Tuna; mac and cheese; salad

Tues - Crockpot Jambalaya; Cauliflower rice

Wed - Spicy Shepard's Pie

Thurs - Leah and Thomas for dinner Roasted chicken and Chard soup

Fri - Ginger eggplant saute Barley

Sat - Meatloaf; veggies; salad

New Years Resolutions


Peel and Eat Orange all by myself - check
Manipulate parents - Double check
Get undressed and dressed for bed all by myself - check and mommy really loves me now
Use only the potty all day - 2 days in a row, only a million more to go!!
Learn as many words as possible - work in process, good to go on those bad ones D*** It:)


Smile a lot - check
Laugh at fan - check 1/12/11
Laugh at sister - Triple check, after all she is a bundle of energy
Grab and hold toy - check but not sure how to feel when it smacks me in the face laugh/cry?
Roll to sides and scoot around in a circle - done 1/31/11
Suck thumb and enjoy it all by myself - 1/2 check; did it 1/28/11 but can't seem to enjoy it again?