Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blogging can be an Obsesssion

So, I've been playing on the computer lately and discovered the amazing world of blogs. It is awesome the links that can connect people from around the world.....I followed some sites with great advice and ended up on a woman's blog from Saudi. It reminds me of the need that we should all have to strengthen our relationships and especially our network of women. We all can learn from each other and lean on one another with great reward.

I've always had a need to connect with more mothers/wives/women I just never thought that I would find the computer as a resource. It is so odd to think how information was shared before these technological times. Don't get me wrong I still believe we learn the most from our mother/sisters/friends, but it's soooo cool to learn from other women in different cultures and environments.

I hope to get more proficient at this blogging thing so check back for some great places to learn wonderful ideas. Also, feel free to contribute any ideas or places you go for advice.

A picture of my baby because I can't resist. This is from Thanksgiving, she has on a pair of Italian racing shoes my mother bought in Italy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In awe.....

I was getting Sam ready for bed tonight and noticed her following her hand with her eyes. She would look at her hand, bring it to her mouth, and then follow it back out with her eyes. She did the over and over until something else distracted. She even watched as she grabbed her dads finger. It is a miracle to watch the wheels turn as she develops the smallest of skill. We really do make our lives so busy and complicated that we forget how cool it is that our hand belongs to us and does what we ask, such as move to our mouth for sucking pleasure.

Good Night all, stop to notice the little movements of life!!!


Sammie first smiled a big smile at Dad on Oct, 30, 2008


Sammie took her first flight to go visit the GREAT grandparents and other O'Brien family in Florida.

The O'Brien clan had an early Thanksgiving dinner so that we could participate. We really loved visiting with everyone and letting them all love on Sam. It was particularly wonderful for me to get to know all of that side of the family, it was awesome and we look forward to the next visit.

We also visited with Francie and John while down there to show off the new addition. Plus we made it to the ocean one day.....Sam loved the sand:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I really enjoy the Happy Hour Fridays on the radio. It reiterates the work that it takes on our part to find the happiness in the daily routine we call life and continue to MAKE happiness apart of everything we do. Everyone always talks about the "blues" that occur when you are exhausted from a newborn child but they really can't completely express the "work" that it takes to always look at such a vulnerable being with loving eyes. As Sam begins to smile AT us (not fart as everyone thinks) and wants to play and interact, these are the small moments of reminder that the world is a beautiful place, God is an amazing thing to replicate, and life can never REALLY be that bad. I don’t ever want to forget these moments and yet don’t think there is any way to truly capture them all. How do we not move forward so quickly (my daughter has gained more than 3 lbs since birth) and yet not stand still either?
My baby.....

Lazy Sunday(6 weeks old).....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our version of bottle feeding...

Sake is Yummy!!!

We went to Hibachi for AJ and Amie's birthday with the entire family. AJ, grandpa Cribley, Nanny Cribley, and Albert all did a couple sake bombs after the meal. We had way too much fun.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Little Old Man

We are growing big and strong. So big that our hair makes us look like a little old man. Our farts match the image as well, SO PROUD!!!

Our Little Old Man!!

Dad's Birthday

We went for a beautiful walk in the Botanical Gardens and had Thai food for dinner!!! It was a great family day, HAPPY 30 something DAD!!!