Sunday, February 28, 2010

Soaking Nuts

So I've tried a few new things this week, some for the better, some need to get better!!!! Made some soaked Wheat Tortillas.....too wet and very thick and bready. I think I'm going to ask my mom to help me using her recipe, plus maybe I can use her tortilla maker:) I've also ordered some milk and water Kefir cultures and hope to get those started soon for some new healthy drink alternatives. Along with the cultures is coming a device to help me ferment veggies later this summer, I can't take that on yet, too much going already. Too much going on like soaking and roasting nuts for AJ's and our snacks!!!! I'm so excited to try different spices and mix in some wonderful DARK chocolate that we found at the super market (even trade free)!!!!!

Here is our menu plan this week. Check out others at Menu Plan Mondays.

Chicken Apple Sausages; Roasted Butternut Squash

Mon - Frary's over for dinner
Puerto Rican Chicken; Yam fries; Roasted Broccoli and peppers

Tues - Asian influence
Curry Chicken over rice; cabbage, cucumber, carrot salad


Thurs - Mexican
Turkey; Artichokes

Fri - Whole poultry

Sat - Richert's for dinner
Sushi night

Sun - Soup
Pea and Red Lentil

Thursday, February 25, 2010

As We Grow

The amount of time and effort that new parents are capable of putting toward the development and well being of their child(ren) is astounding and wonderful. If only these actions continued through our entire existence with regards to ourselves......oh wait, it can!!! It is important to remember that we are held accountable to Yahweh as well as our family and friends and last to society. While it is easy to get caught up into the lobbies going on in society it is of much deeper immediate importance that we begin with ourselves. It is not possible for us to teach our children when we don't consciously make improvements in our actions and behaviors. Yeshua lead by example and we don't really look to him that often as a 'man' but too much as a savior. Our daily actions and interactions reflect our loving relationship with Abba.

I had an exhilarating emotional release this past week as I was lead by God to talk about my feelings with a family member. We ended up discussing how it is difficult but necessary to struggle through hard conversations and experiences in order to build a deeper stronger relationship. Often friendships never push through these struggles because we don't see the value vs. the risk. However, maybe we should push to persecute ourselves more in order to be better neighbors, to say to everyone around us that they are worth it.

I am working to be more proactive and conscious about my actions to enable better more loving relationships with every person I touch. AJ and I are proposing that our family, whomever that may include, makes a Mission Statement to help guide everyone down an ever changing, ever growing path of love and relationships. I will tell a little more about this Mission Statement when I write a book review of "7 Habits of Highly Effective Families." Please know that AJ and I are striving to grow and establish ourselves with our family. It is in His love that we wish to aspire.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Menu with no processed food

Busy week around here with lots of mouths to feed. This makes it very important to menu plan for so many reasons. We should have a good food week though, I found some fun new ideas. Check out other menu plans at Menu Plan Monday

Grass Fed Beef Tacos w/ fresh guacamole; attempted homemade tortillas......note to self try these next time

Asian salad w/ red tip lettece, cabbage, red peppers, carrots, cucumbers, walnuts, sunflower seeds, yogurt coated chicken, dressing

Chicken, Black bean, Sweet Potato slow cooker

Salmon, Artichokes, Quinoa

Thurs - Mexican
Wet Burrito

Fri - Whole poultry

Puerto Rican Chicken, Leftovers

Sun - Soup
Butternut Squash

Kale Chips - these are SOOOOOO YUMMY!!!
crock pot oats

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Play is always learning...

Imitation is not only a form of flattery but a huge education. A child's play is their process for growing and learning about our actions and behavior. If nothing else we should be kind and loving to everyone for their sake. It is also so important for us to notice every little move they make to best assist their play. AJ and I had the best entertainment the other day at lunch when Sam turned her orange slice into a car, as noted by the driving motion and vroom sounds. She thought it was hilarious when the car dove off the cliff (or table in this case).

On another note:
I made tuna salad w/ fennel seeds, sauteed spinach, and cheese slices for dinner last night, it was delicious. I purchased some Coconut oil the other day to incorporate as a cooking oil. It worked especially well for the spinach with a little butter and salt. The best part was how evenly it cooked in the pan and I didn't have to work as hard to keep the spinach from being too hot or cold. Plus it is VERY healthy!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blah...Blah....Blah....or Chinese if you prefer

Sam has numerous words that she says clearly and then can babble on in a form of Chinese sounding phrases, mainly pretending to be on a phone. (It is always revealing what our children show us about our behaviors, talk much on the phone?)

My mom pointed out that Sam said her first 'sentence' a couple of days ago......well, we think it is a sentence...

Puppy Outside

This is our first indication that Grandpa is not going to be able to feed the animals, horses cats and chickens, outside anymore without a helper. So, last night we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Cribleys to swim...this led to an invite for Lamb, Artichokes, and Scalloped Potatoes YUM!!!
As it started to get dark Sam began to yell at the back door.....OUTSIDE, SIDE. Grandpa wasn't even home yet from a work call and it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell a 16 month old to wait. She just didn't understand so we did everything we could to distract her. Needless to say as soon as Grandpa got home she was ready with her shoes and coat. Unfortunately for Grandpa, or fortunately, he will never need to do the chores alone as long as Sam is around. Outside they went...She came back grinning, covered in hay, smelling like a horse, and with frozen hands. And yet she kept insisting to go outside, and saying 'cold'. So, Grandpa obliged again, secretly loving the attention and connection, and had Samantha assist with grilling the Lamb......OUTSIDE:)

It is such a blessing to have such wonderful experiences for our family to explore.