Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blah...Blah....Blah....or Chinese if you prefer

Sam has numerous words that she says clearly and then can babble on in a form of Chinese sounding phrases, mainly pretending to be on a phone. (It is always revealing what our children show us about our behaviors, talk much on the phone?)

My mom pointed out that Sam said her first 'sentence' a couple of days ago......well, we think it is a sentence...

Puppy Outside

This is our first indication that Grandpa is not going to be able to feed the animals, horses cats and chickens, outside anymore without a helper. So, last night we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Cribleys to swim...this led to an invite for Lamb, Artichokes, and Scalloped Potatoes YUM!!!
As it started to get dark Sam began to yell at the back door.....OUTSIDE, SIDE. Grandpa wasn't even home yet from a work call and it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell a 16 month old to wait. She just didn't understand so we did everything we could to distract her. Needless to say as soon as Grandpa got home she was ready with her shoes and coat. Unfortunately for Grandpa, or fortunately, he will never need to do the chores alone as long as Sam is around. Outside they went...She came back grinning, covered in hay, smelling like a horse, and with frozen hands. And yet she kept insisting to go outside, and saying 'cold'. So, Grandpa obliged again, secretly loving the attention and connection, and had Samantha assist with grilling the Lamb......OUTSIDE:)

It is such a blessing to have such wonderful experiences for our family to explore.


  1. Combo number fooor sweeet and sowwwaar pooowwk! Good thing I am fluent in chinese!

    Big papi

  2. You want a number sixty niiiiiine.

    She is so cute and I can't wait to see her! (And the rest of you I suppose) hee hee.

  3. I told grandpa today that he has created a monster, never again will he feed alone!!

  4. dylan could spend all day every day outside, too, and she's immune to the cold. i can't wait for spring!

    so glad you're doing the book circle, too. it's fun having "assignments." :)

  5. I love stories like these! :)


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