Thursday, February 25, 2010

As We Grow

The amount of time and effort that new parents are capable of putting toward the development and well being of their child(ren) is astounding and wonderful. If only these actions continued through our entire existence with regards to ourselves......oh wait, it can!!! It is important to remember that we are held accountable to Yahweh as well as our family and friends and last to society. While it is easy to get caught up into the lobbies going on in society it is of much deeper immediate importance that we begin with ourselves. It is not possible for us to teach our children when we don't consciously make improvements in our actions and behaviors. Yeshua lead by example and we don't really look to him that often as a 'man' but too much as a savior. Our daily actions and interactions reflect our loving relationship with Abba.

I had an exhilarating emotional release this past week as I was lead by God to talk about my feelings with a family member. We ended up discussing how it is difficult but necessary to struggle through hard conversations and experiences in order to build a deeper stronger relationship. Often friendships never push through these struggles because we don't see the value vs. the risk. However, maybe we should push to persecute ourselves more in order to be better neighbors, to say to everyone around us that they are worth it.

I am working to be more proactive and conscious about my actions to enable better more loving relationships with every person I touch. AJ and I are proposing that our family, whomever that may include, makes a Mission Statement to help guide everyone down an ever changing, ever growing path of love and relationships. I will tell a little more about this Mission Statement when I write a book review of "7 Habits of Highly Effective Families." Please know that AJ and I are striving to grow and establish ourselves with our family. It is in His love that we wish to aspire.

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