Sunday, March 29, 2009


The pic says it all...Hey Dad....try to get some in my mouth, I dare ya:)

Check out other wonderful meal ideas at Orgjunkie.

Monday - Veggie Quinoa

Tuesday - Twice baked Potato

Wednesday - Spaghetti w/ meatballs, salad

Thursday - BBQ chicken; veggie; home made tortillas

Friday - Chicken Nachos; calabacitas

Saturday - Tuna noodle Casserole; peas

Sunday - Zesty Corn Quesadillas; salad

Thursday, March 26, 2009


It is officially spring!!!
This beauty is now buried.

Eating Glory

Sam has just started eating solids. We've started with a few simple ideas like Cream of Wheat when we have it for breakfast on these cold spring mornings. This morning I pulled out the BabyCook my MIL got us to make fresh food for the precious little one. I have to say that it made the best applesauce in about 5 minutes. Well ok, steamed apples all blended smooth but it really is the best. Sam is not so sure about the apples yet but it seems to be taking her a couple of days to love something new. The machine is so Thrifty that I wanted to mention it at Green Baby Guide. It is not the cheapest purchase but it made just the right amount to freeze some and keep some for a few days. It is quiet and easy to clean, and will make a nice processor for us as well. I'm so excited now about making homemade baby food. Sandy was also generous and purchased a cookbook to go with it, so we can use it for a few years to come.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ok, I finally feeling like writing...

It's been a while since a family update and I have a long list so those that are interested get comfortable. I have a few pics available to show the new things in our life.

Updates on AJ and myself. We have really been enjoying the warmer weather and getting out to run 2 times a week. We are going to up it to 3 times a week in April. It has been wonderful to run together, sometimes we talk, sometimes we just enjoy each other, and there are those few times when we are privately competing to see who can run faster and farther. Either way it has helped to bring us back to spending time with each other. We began our relationship with outdoor activities and it helps keep us grounded. A has also been figuring out what he needs to race his car this summer and had a blast participating in a Race To Read program. He drove his Camaro down to the Charter school and talked to the children, plus signed Autographs. It was a real hit!!!
I have started riding Nitro again to get both of us in shape. My rear end is the most sore afterward. It is fun to be back riding and spending time with my parents preparing for our adventures with cattle this summer.

Now for Sammy update....

Sam has also been working out regularly. She is rollin both ways more, getting up on her knees a little, and riding horse (pictures to come, my sister has them).

We started feeding her solid food a few times over the last week. We actually began with letting her suck on carrot sticks, they make a great chew toy. One night I made green bean salad and decided to let her have one of the beans. This worked well until the bean broke...we took it away. However the next day we went to baby message class and revealed a massive blowout in her diaper when we were getting undressed for class. The reason became obvious when there was a little bean in the diaper, oops. No harm no foul.

To facilitate the eating thing we have put Sam's highchair at the table. Plus this way she can sit with us when we eat and eat or play. We have tried puried rice and Avacado so far. She doesn't really seem to love the avacado and really just chokes on the rice. This morning we had Cream of Wheat for breakfast and that she loved!!!! She was opening her mouth wide and even grabbing the spoon. I think we found a winner.

With the loveliness of poopy smell that comes with food we are also trying to do a little early potty training. Now wait, I know it sounds crazy but just hear me out. There is a concept called EC (Elimination Communication) and I have a friend who started. The idea is that you learn to read the childs signals and help them to learn when they are going to do it on the potty. So, when I'm home (I bought a little travel potty because I'm going to need one anyway) and it is after a nap or feeding I take her into the potty. When I do this I am saying "Haces Pepe" spanish for 'do you need to go' and making a peeing noise and a pooping noise. Are you laughing yet.....she has done both in the potty and almost at least once a day. I would even say that she is proud and happy to do sitting in a dirty diaper. Plus I put the potty in front of the mirror in the bathroom and one day she stood up leaned into the mirror with both hands and slowly kissed the baby in the mirror. Trust me she wasn't licking or sucking the baby, it was a very gentle purposeful kiss.

Grandma's, Sadie and Sam swimming. Grandpa and Sam going on a walk.

That's it for now....perfect timing the little one is waking from a nap!!

i's always about food.

I promise I will do a post on something other than food. Today is the only day to go to the store so this is what you get to read. It is Menu Plan Monday that keeps me in line with my groceries and I got a little out of control last week. I do have to say though that the Turkey Meatball Subs last week were awesome.

Monday - Leftovers, something easy, busy day with the Bradley moms!!!!

Tuesday - Manchego Grilled cheese with noodles and cucumber

Wednesday - Green Chile Baked Chicken, Roasted Asparagus and Potatoes

Thursday - Chicken Enchiladas from the freezer; freezer veggies or Broccoli Cheese Soup if it snows!!

Friday - Meatloaf, Quonia w/ Zucchini

Saturday - Rice noodle Veggie Stir Fry

Sunday - Take your own meet - Grass Fed NY Strips (we won!!); Tabouli for everyone
**Dinner at the Grands for 'Life Study'. Grandpa's B-Day

Monday, March 16, 2009

So many changes...

We have lots to report from the last week but first it is Menu Plan Monday, hosted by $5 Dinners this week. If I didn't do the blog carnival as accountability I probably would not plan meals this week. However, it really is so nice through the week, just not on the planning day. So, here goes for this week. Stay tuned tomorrow for the Family updates...

Monday - Pasta

Tuesday - Rotisserie Chicken; yam

Wednesday - Mango Ginger Salmon; rice; kale

Thursday - Potato Crusted Chicken; squash risotto; asparagas
Make bread; cheese; wine
Bob, Colleen, and Caroline over for wine and cheese!!!!

Friday - Broccoli soup; bread; cheese
Snowboarding with Albert and Amie!!!!

Saturday - Turkey Meatball Subs; salad

Sunday - Leftovers???? Or maybe hubby can have an idea

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy day with Grandma's

We are headed out for a day with the Grandmas!!!!! Just a quick note....


Everything is moving and changing so head is spinning with mixed emotions.

I want to participate in Works for Me Wednesday at We Are That Family this week so I'm attaching an earlier post. Please follow this link for some FABULOUS baby sleeping advice.

Learning from Repetition

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gramsi Meal Week

Check out all the hundreds of people doing their meals on the Organizejunkie meal Plan site. It is amazing how devoted we all are becoming to this accountability. Just imagine how much we all are enjoying more time with family and friends, and how much food and money we are no longer wasting. It is exciting.

Monday - something from the freezer

Tuesday - Twice baked potato

Gramsi comes into town!!!

Wednesday - **book club** - Chicken Sate w/ peanut sauce
Gramsi and AJ - Green chile elk (in the crock-pot); mashed potatoes, cauliflower

Thursday - sloppy joes; mac & cheese; salad

Friday - KC Fish Fry

Saturday - Potato Crusted Chicken; rice; veggies

Gramsi and Daddy leave town
Sunday - Beet salad

* to try: Turkey Meatball Subs

Sunday, March 8, 2009


So, most people would agree that flowers blooming is a sign of Spring. So check out right below AJ's arm....a little yellow flower. We did at least get a little wet white stuff the next day but the days have been warm and FUN!!!
We also have a little one that is getting used to her new routine.....or so we convince ourselves. She is also getting really strong and does her pushups daily along with sitting on her own....or so we convince ourselves until she falls sideways. GO BOOM!!!

The afternoons are long and cranky as we change the feeding will be over eventually:)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Learning through repetition

I'm reading a book I found at the library because both AJ and I have felt that Sam's sleep habits are OK, but we could use suggestions for a direction to head towards improving her routine. She is at the point that she eats on demand through the day, usually every 3-4 hours. She wakes up 3 times a night, every 3 hours, to eat a midsized snack. She goes to sleep wonderfully and really stays asleep, even through the feedings, well in the night. The naps are a different story. They typically happen at around the same time every day but only for 30 minutes at a time, the occasional hour. So I went in search of some guidance to just push us in a direction. I really felt that her sporadic eating during the day was not enough to keep her through the night but I didn't really have any concrete advice on how to change things, other than getting on such a routine that it's impossible to live. I know that my mommy friends are having similar issues and some of them even seem to be struggling even more with a lack of sleep. We all want to provide the best development for our babies with a balance of nurturing and structure.

Most importantly she insists that it is the families life that the baby should learn to adapt, and the parents are always empowered!!!
Positive reinforcement is what teaches great behavior, not negative.
We teach them to move, talk, interact through repetition, so it makes sense to sleep train through repetition.
We need to teach them to sooth themselves, not rely on us soothing them all the time.
Don't get so repetitive with one action that it becomes the only answer to a problem.

This book, The baby sleep solution : a proven program to teach your baby to sleep twelve hours a night / by Suzy Giordano with Lisa Abidin, was originally design for multiples to help really establish a training for their more time consuming development. However, she applies it to all babies. The best part is I was able to read it in a few hours and it really is an outline step-by-step concept so that you have goals to start right away.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sore Body

Well, yesterday beat me up. But, I can say that I finally took that first step, at least to a sore body....

AJ and I went for a 30 minute run. That's correct we finally got out and began training for the Relay Marathon we are doing in May with other Mama's and Dad's from our Bradley group. It felt great, at the time at least.

But I can't just kill myself with a run....then I had to ride my horse for the first time in like 7 months. I actually think that my butt must be bonier (sp?) since Sam because my a** hurts like no other.

Sam had fun laughing at the horses and dogs with Dad while I rode with my parents. It really was a nice day but is another story:)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu again

I found a cool giveaway through the Meal Plan site. This food website posted some great menu ideas and some fresh support ideas as well. This giveaway is all about supporting grass fed, home grown beef. I don't see anything wrong with this kind of support group and look forward to maybe some wonderfully flavorful meals:)

Monday - Lemon and Parmesan-Crusted Chicken; Potato Au Gratin; veggies

Tuesday - Crockpot baked Spinach and cheese noodles

Wednesday - Chicken Jambalaya: boneless/skinless chicken breast, chopped onions & peppers, box jambalaya rice mix

Thursday - Turkey Burgers; sweet potato fries

Friday - Grilled Salmon; fresh veggies or KC FISH FRY!!!

Saturday - veggie Fried rice

Sunday - Pasta e Fagiloli; salad w/ homemade dressing

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Full Day of FUN

Today the entire family (plus the Gurley's) went downtown again with brown bag lunches. We doubled the amount we did last time to 60 and found tummies for all. It was a nice experience again but this time we think there were some sketchy people hanging around, like maybe unfortunately dealing drugs or something. Hopefully the capital square isn't usually like that, we'll see. It is such a great eye opening experience for all though.

Then the O'Brien clan headed to a baby massage class where we learned to help Sam feel better as she grows. The Cribley/McCracken/Gurley crowd went to the Zoo. I understand they had a wonderful time!!! We learned a lot in class and look forward to helping Sam maybe we'll learn some new techniques for each other:)Here is Sam in her awesome Komono outfit from Grandma Cribley. It seemed appropriate for the day since we spent it cleansing our souls and then relaxing in meditation. Ok, we fed the less fortunate and did massage but close enough!!