Sunday, March 1, 2009

Full Day of FUN

Today the entire family (plus the Gurley's) went downtown again with brown bag lunches. We doubled the amount we did last time to 60 and found tummies for all. It was a nice experience again but this time we think there were some sketchy people hanging around, like maybe unfortunately dealing drugs or something. Hopefully the capital square isn't usually like that, we'll see. It is such a great eye opening experience for all though.

Then the O'Brien clan headed to a baby massage class where we learned to help Sam feel better as she grows. The Cribley/McCracken/Gurley crowd went to the Zoo. I understand they had a wonderful time!!! We learned a lot in class and look forward to helping Sam maybe we'll learn some new techniques for each other:)Here is Sam in her awesome Komono outfit from Grandma Cribley. It seemed appropriate for the day since we spent it cleansing our souls and then relaxing in meditation. Ok, we fed the less fortunate and did massage but close enough!!

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