Sunday, April 25, 2010


We want to say Thank you to our wonderful cat Goldie for 19 fabulous years of friendship. She supported us through everything, informed Aj and I that we would be together forever, and tried to smother us in our sleep by cuddling a little too close. But we all loved her!!

Sam and Goldie had a close bond in their few years together...Sam loved to torture the cat, and the cat just wanted attention of any was a great match:) But in the end they made a great pair.

Everyone had their own special connection from smothering cuddles to playful hisses. The day I moved from Texas Goldie hid in AJ's computer desk and delayed our drive to Colorado by at least 3 hours. She did not want AJ and I to split....she knew:)

Some catching up to do...

Well, I can use the excuse of a busy life or I can just admit that I haven't been motivated to sit down and update our site. So, I'm going to have a long post with lost of pictures to enjoy!!!

We had a fun day with the Castaldi's. The kids (Bob, AJ, Caroline, and Sam) played outside in the back yard. We all had a blast decorating cookies and then ate a wonderful dinner!!!

Test day at the track!! Dad and the Camaro dialed in the time.
All the grandparents got to come!!!

It's spring time and there are lots of babies being born. Plus some new arrivals to await:)
We visited a clients 5 hour old foal.

This is the first picture of O'Brien Numero Dos!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

1.5 years

It will never cease to amaze me how life can be somewhere in the range of 80-90 years long...yet so much growing and learning is done in the first few.

Sam had her 1.5 year checkup yesterday with our favorite Dr. Stage. She did wonderfully and held her own against his grueling development games....he made her stack blocks, point to her nose, and throw a ball.....not so hard for the advancing little toddler!!! That silly Dr. can't outsmart our Sammie.

She did test the levels of physically fit as she made the nurse weight her twice....why you ask....because she is in the negative % of weight.....that's correct, she doesn't even register on some silly national chart.....or as the Dr said.....we are setting her up for the best physique later in life!!!! Yeah for our genetics and healthy lifestyle!!!

I also wish to mention that AJ and I also love Dr. Stage for his knowledge, understanding, and respect for us as parents. He didn't even suggest that we do the MMR vaccine yet because he knows that we want to wait on those live vaccines. It was a relief to not have to feel pressured or decide again what we wanted to choose. So, thank you to Dr. Stage.