Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some catching up to do...

Well, I can use the excuse of a busy life or I can just admit that I haven't been motivated to sit down and update our site. So, I'm going to have a long post with lost of pictures to enjoy!!!

We had a fun day with the Castaldi's. The kids (Bob, AJ, Caroline, and Sam) played outside in the back yard. We all had a blast decorating cookies and then ate a wonderful dinner!!!

Test day at the track!! Dad and the Camaro dialed in the time.
All the grandparents got to come!!!

It's spring time and there are lots of babies being born. Plus some new arrivals to await:)
We visited a clients 5 hour old foal.

This is the first picture of O'Brien Numero Dos!!

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  1. what's that thing hanging out, oh it's the umbilical cord!!!!


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