Sunday, April 25, 2010


We want to say Thank you to our wonderful cat Goldie for 19 fabulous years of friendship. She supported us through everything, informed Aj and I that we would be together forever, and tried to smother us in our sleep by cuddling a little too close. But we all loved her!!

Sam and Goldie had a close bond in their few years together...Sam loved to torture the cat, and the cat just wanted attention of any was a great match:) But in the end they made a great pair.

Everyone had their own special connection from smothering cuddles to playful hisses. The day I moved from Texas Goldie hid in AJ's computer desk and delayed our drive to Colorado by at least 3 hours. She did not want AJ and I to split....she knew:)


  1. Crazy cat. She was always there, in the background. Sadie might miss her playmate.

  2. great memories of the elusive cat!!


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