Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sore Body

Well, yesterday beat me up. But, I can say that I finally took that first step, at least to a sore body....

AJ and I went for a 30 minute run. That's correct we finally got out and began training for the Relay Marathon we are doing in May with other Mama's and Dad's from our Bradley group. It felt great, at the time at least.

But I can't just kill myself with a run....then I had to ride my horse for the first time in like 7 months. I actually think that my butt must be bonier (sp?) since Sam because my a** hurts like no other.

Sam had fun laughing at the horses and dogs with Dad while I rode with my parents. It really was a nice day but is another story:)


  1. Ha ha ha! I know exactly how you feel!

  2. Thanks for putting my blog on yours!!!!

  3. Three words: Epson salt bath. Ahhhhh :)


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