Sunday, February 28, 2010

Soaking Nuts

So I've tried a few new things this week, some for the better, some need to get better!!!! Made some soaked Wheat Tortillas.....too wet and very thick and bready. I think I'm going to ask my mom to help me using her recipe, plus maybe I can use her tortilla maker:) I've also ordered some milk and water Kefir cultures and hope to get those started soon for some new healthy drink alternatives. Along with the cultures is coming a device to help me ferment veggies later this summer, I can't take that on yet, too much going already. Too much going on like soaking and roasting nuts for AJ's and our snacks!!!! I'm so excited to try different spices and mix in some wonderful DARK chocolate that we found at the super market (even trade free)!!!!!

Here is our menu plan this week. Check out others at Menu Plan Mondays.

Chicken Apple Sausages; Roasted Butternut Squash

Mon - Frary's over for dinner
Puerto Rican Chicken; Yam fries; Roasted Broccoli and peppers

Tues - Asian influence
Curry Chicken over rice; cabbage, cucumber, carrot salad


Thurs - Mexican
Turkey; Artichokes

Fri - Whole poultry

Sat - Richert's for dinner
Sushi night

Sun - Soup
Pea and Red Lentil


  1. Ha ha first I thought you were soaking actual "nuts"... =)
    Good job on soaking some grains!

    Your menu looks good. I love Posole (I make a vegetarian version)...and the Pea and Red Lentil Soup looks yummy!


  2. Yay for soaking nuts, etc. This past week I soaked some sunflower seeds and made some crackers. Today I roasted 'em. Yum yum.

    Moussaka! Love it - we made some with lamb and eggplant a couple weeks back...I'm drooling thinking about it.

    Your menu plan looks great!


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