Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Nutrients

I spent all day today learning about the nutrients in our soil. How to adjust them organically, how to best take advantage, how you can have too much or too little. If you can't tell I'm thoroughly enjoying my Master Gardner program and can't wait to put it in to practice.

While at class today little Sam was broadening her horizons with the Gurley family. Our family loves them so much and is blessed that they could help out today. I know that Sam had a wonderful time and was glad to see that Brie didn't seem TOO tired this evening when we hung out for a while at the library. THANK YOU Gurley family for being there for us:)

I also was preparing a wholesome dinner in the midst of all the other duties. A whole grass-red chicken was roasting in the slow-cooker*. I took the recipe off the calendar I picked up from Natural Grocers and wow is it good. So juicy and flavorful and nice to be done when we got home at dinner time. I whipped up some peas, carrots, and avocado and the feast ensued. Sam ate it all up, or at least all that didn't end up on the floor for Sadie. Now I'm making some stock to use for later, plus it makes the house smell amazing.

It has been really rewarding as a SAHM (stay at home mom) to learn and evolve the methods we use as a family to keep ourselves healthy. Our nutrient levels start in the dirt and work there way through a cycle to be used by us and returned back to the soil. It warms my heart, and stomach, to feed my family with a chicken stock made with love and bone marrow just like Yahweh intended.

Thank you to Yahweh for making it all, thank you to the people around me who educate, and thank you to my family for embracing the ideas and most of all embracing me:)

*A few side notes:
-I'm getting a new slow cooker because the Rival brand has lead in them. The Hamilton Beach brand does not have lead or Cadmium.
-I put a few aluminum balls under the chicken to keep it out of the liquid, and I cooked the bird breast down. This made it especially juicy!!


  1. i just scheduled a post about roasting chicken and making stock!

    what is the master gardener program? we grew a garden for the first time last year and are still pretty "green." would love to know more.

    thanks for recommending that book. i'll take a look:)

  2. Amie and I decided you did not get this drive to cook and eat healthy from me so it must be papa. Lucky you!!!!!! Actually, lucky AJ and Samantha.

  3. Thanks for the info on the slow-cookers. I've been thinking it over since you mentioned it. Since my small one just cracked :( I think I will check out Hamilton Beach. You are right - removal of lead where we can is important!


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