Friday, January 15, 2010

He Loves Me

AJ and I have read or are reading a few books lately that inspire love. Now, it sounds cliche and cheesy but just hear me out. I'm beginning to see that love is actually the most difficult piece in any relationship to trust completely and believe wholeheartedly.

The books are not about a spouses love but about God's love. Mainly about how we try to build and manipulate His unconditional love to complete us. By deciding for ourselves what it means to be "God like" or following rules made by man, even with good intentions, we can only hope and never succeed in finding peace with Him. It is only through ultimate TRUST and LOVE that He will show us how to complete our life to find peace.

I realized that it was not a coincidence that He puts himself in the parent position. We all have said and claim to understand that He is our Father just like we are to our children. However, at least for me, I have never had the childish trust for Him as an adult that I should. Like when my daughter dives off her changing table after putting her PJ's on, knowing that we are there to catch her. She doesn't stop to think what is best for her outcome or what steps she needs to follow like understanding gravity, she just leaps. I want to leap for God and mimic His every word like my child does with me.

Parenting is about cultivating relationships. The hardest part is to keep that your focus. We need to grow the deepest most loving relationships with the Lord, our spouse, and each child. It takes a lot of time, and often concentration to even begin those bonds. It is easy to get caught in the busy work.

The books we read are The Shack, He Loves Me, and So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore. Please check out this new book, Steady Days: A Journey Toward Intentional Professional Motherhood, that I hope may also connect the ideas of purposely building a relationship within your family.


  1. Beautifully put Kelli! Great post! I'll have to check out some of those books and add them to my long list.

  2. thank you so much for your biblical, encouraging words to me. i really appreciated your wisdom and kindness.

    i think i'll check out that simplemom link...

  3. I'm enjoying the " don't want to go to church" it has some great quotes that are the TRUTH, haven't finished but almost. I'm glad that you are on your journey toward Him!!!! I continue on my path and love the encouragement along the way.


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