Thursday, January 14, 2010

Visit to Albuquerque

We had a wonderful time and great weather visiting all of the O'Brien clan and friends in Albuquerque. The trip was so much fun that we are thinking of flying down this Friday night only to enjoy in Tim's Tagine (For those that don't know that is Moroccan cuisine), but we'll see!!!

Here are some of the great pictures the gramsi-arrazzi and popop-arrazzi took:)

We visited the Children's Science Museum!!
One of the parks we played at had a little zip line.
AJ and I had fun trying to attack each other.
Even Gramsi did the zip line!!!!

Sam's favorite play time was taking out and putting back some rocks with Popop.


  1. Hi Kelli

    Great to have another person on board for the book circle :) The list of what we read this past year is here: Final book list

    If you have a Google id I can share the Google doc with you where we're adding our suggestions to vote on for this year's list. Otherwise, email me your suggestions and I'll email back the list so you can see it. Plus I'll be posting in on my blog too. pdugmore2001 at yahoo dot co dot nz

  2. I am sure glad we can check the high flying zipline off the to do list since I am afraid of heights! Big Papi


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