Thursday, February 17, 2011

Momentus Occasions

What marks time?

Rolling over, wearing underpants....

These are excitements in our world over the last week.

It's time for the potty dance, Sam is done with diapers after 5 days of being dry all night!!!! I didn't really think that it would be so nice, but wow it's AMAZING!!! Here are some memories to embarrass boys later.

This is a blanket and pillow G & G Cribley gave Sam to use at the evening storytime at the library, it was a potty present!!

We can't forget the little Ella Bella. I don't know how but she ROLLED OVER today, multiple times from her back to belly. She will be 16 weeks can she be rolling over already? Where is that thing called time going, how are we supposed to enjoy every second when they are flying by?

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  1. They are so big! Love the pictures of them rolling over, so cute.


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