Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions


Peel and Eat Orange all by myself - check
Manipulate parents - Double check
Get undressed and dressed for bed all by myself - check and mommy really loves me now
Use only the potty all day - 2 days in a row, only a million more to go!!
Learn as many words as possible - work in process, good to go on those bad ones D*** It:)


Smile a lot - check
Laugh at fan - check 1/12/11
Laugh at sister - Triple check, after all she is a bundle of energy
Grab and hold toy - check but not sure how to feel when it smacks me in the face laugh/cry?
Roll to sides and scoot around in a circle - done 1/31/11
Suck thumb and enjoy it all by myself - 1/2 check; did it 1/28/11 but can't seem to enjoy it again?

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  1. Nobody, absolutely nobody can make Brody laugh like his sister can. They are ridiculous!


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