Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lighter note

Next belly picture. Sandy took it when the OBrien's visited this weekend. Here is a picture of our cradle. This is a family heirloom that is at least 100 years old, my mothers, aunts, mother slept in it. It appears to be a 'Bentwood' and will be sleeping it's 6th generation.


  1. You and Amie were also blessed to be able to sleep your first few months in a well loved cradle. Susie let me use it for both my girls so for Kelli it will be second generation using the same cradle.

  2. what a delightful surprise...

    you say to keep living.
    does it get any easier?

    when it comes to loving someone and doing what you love most... why is it so necessary to have to choose one over the other?

    i'm not my sister. i'm not your sister either.

    i'm not ready for the step of being a wife and a mommy.
    it seems like life kept on going for everybody else, but i'm still stuck back on square 1.

    america. check.
    europe. check.
    what's next??

    Thank you for the compliment. :)
    I'd love to meet up with you sometime, just for a latte and a talk about life.


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