Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We made it to Puerto Vallarta

Well, we took a chance and WON!!!! We headed to the airport hoping to go to Mexico standby with Zero seats available. There was a back-up plan to visit San Diego if necessary, but somehow 4 people didn't show up to fly to Puerto Vallarta and WE MADE IT!!!!

We had no idea where we would stay, what we would do, or if we could get back. In the end our resort was perfect, we relaxed the entire time (except for the 5 hour hike AJ and I took in the jungle), and made it back rested. We took lots of pictures so I'll let them tell the story.


  1. AWESOME pics! Glad you guys had a great time!

  2. wow, you are so spontaneous and adventurous! my husband sailed there once in college and said it was unbelievable. what a great time!

    i looked up the website for the kitchen set, and they have so many amazing things:


    this time of year, i look at most store toy catalogues and think i wouldn't want ANY of that stuff in my home, but online is a different story with lovely, well-made (and non-toxic!) things.

    have fun with your full house at thanksgiving:)


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