Friday, November 27, 2009


I just read a wonderful book, on AJ's recommendation, called "The Shack." It is amazing how the Lord can help to provide something that you really need to read in order to bring home something realistic in your current events. It is of most importance that we live in the present. While a lot was emphasized to AJ and I in this book and it touched us, there were certain things that took us back to His Word to help us grow. One thing that was interesting to me was to talk about it with a friend and see the different mind sets of people and how we read what we want to read and how this book, like the Bible, has so many different levels that most people don't even touch in exploration. Like His word, our relationships are multifaceted and complex, but they don't have to be, they can just be about Love.

Yesterday AJ and I hosted a fabulously chaotic Thanskgiving Day. Our family all came over, consisting of 13 adults and 5 children, we are truly blessed by everyone. We were missing Amanda sadly. She drove all the way up here from Albuquerque to spend her day sick in the hotel. She did get some of the chow, after Gravy ate the first plate we made her!!! We also were missing Amie and Albert all non-thanksgiving over in Germany, but we all talked with them over Skype!!! Hope you are feeling better Albert. The rest of our hectic crowd had an exhausting but loving time. If someone was hungry it was their own fault, between the Turkey deep fried by Grandpa Cribley and the Roast masterfully prepared by Poppop O'Brien(and Tim), plus all the extras from the Gurley, O'Brien, Cribley women:)

Most importantly it was a joyous day of just spending time together allowing our blessed relationships to meld together. We really do need to let go to the Lord and be thankful to Him especially for the special people we hold dear to our hearts, mainly Him.

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  1. Read that book last's a good one! Beautiful post Kelli! I'm sure thankful for YOU!


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