Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Story in Pictures...

Our Thanksgiving...

Table setting for 18
Our blessed Thanksgiving Family
The O'Briens
Bill, Sandy, Aj, Kelli, Sam, Tim, Amanda
The Cribleys
Steve, Michele, Eric Jorgenson
The Gurleys
Rick, Debbie, Jud, Brie, Laina, Maddie, Adon, Moriah

Spending quality time together

Uncle Tim brought a Nurf hoop for the guys to play
Sam got to shoot a few hoops when the guys were too tired!!
Deep Fried Turkey...need I say more:)

Sushi lunch for Amanda's Birthday (Glad you came up despite getting sick!!)

Sam ate so much Cranberry sauce she had an upset tummy the next morning.
All the O'Brien's came up for the occasion, my bestest Gramsi!!
(sweater and hat courtesy of Grandma Cribley)


  1. I LOVE the photo of Sam and AJ under the Camaro.

  2. The one under the Camaro had me laughing for ten minutes. Awesome. Looks so fun.

  3. Beautiful table!!! And that hat and sweater......adorable!!!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Hope your holiday was everything you hoped it'd be.


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