Sunday, December 27, 2009


Written Friday:
So, we haven't left our home in 3 days because AJ and I have some sort of stomach virus. Let's just say that we can't wander far from home.

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday!!!! We did at least get out and take Sam sledding yesterday......she loved it. she is a speed demon.....the faster we sent her down the hill, the more she laughed.

As of Sunday:
We are all feeling more like ourselves today, finally. We managed to get out today to run some errands, go to church, and are now watching the Broncos. We were definitely looking forward to going up to the mountains, thank to the Gurleys offering their place. However, we enjoyed quality family time no matter the location. We really did have a wonderful 5 days together and managed a little fun along the way.

Thank you to AJ for the nice times despite feeling so miserable. Thank you to Sam for being her always joyous self with lots of smiles and laughs!!!
It's such a HARD life being pulled around on a sled:)
Grandpa Cribley and the dogs had fun too!!!
Sam helped me shovel one day when it was windy and cold.
She really braved and enjoyed the cold....definitely a Colorado baby.


  1. When will that child grow? She's still so tiny!!! That pic of Dad is exactly like one of the old ones on Breck lake with the sled and ice skating.

  2. The pic with Sam laying back in the sled is exactly how her Dad is at work, especially over Minneapolis...just kiddin!!


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