Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Butterfly Kisses

Dad(or Grandpa as he prefers these days) and I had a date Sunday night filled with enough memories to last the whole year through. Bob Carlyle, a musical artist who wrote and sings 'Butterfly Kisses,' presented a free concert at a church here in town. I called to get tickets a week ago but they were all gone. Well Sunday came and the weather has been extremely cold and constantly snowing. I thought just maybe some seats would open up, so I called Dad and said, "Do you want to just show up and see if we can get in?" Of course he jumped at the occasion, 'cause you see, I was one of the many who was blessed and surprised to hear "Butterfly Kisses" as a gift when my daddy walked me down the hillside to 'give me away' to AJ. The show was wonderfully performed and entertaining but the company is what warmed the night and filled my heart with love.
Love you Dad


  1. I love the idea that you had a date night with your dad. That's terrific.

  2. Thank you Kelli,it was a wonderful evening. Fathers and daughters need to spend loving time together. Being there with you made it exceptional and gave me shivering memories of your wedding.
    I love you


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