Sunday, December 13, 2009

Menu for the week

It is so wonderful to have meals planned because it really takes some daily stress away. I especially love getting new ideas over at Menu Plan Mondays.

I have accomplished a lot of new adventures in the last couple of days. I baked from freshly ground wheat berries and I made my own chicken stock from the carcass. It smelled so wonderful as it simmered all night!!! It sounds especially good as I'm getting over some illness.

Sun - AJ's Deep Dish Pizza

Mon - Brown-Rice-and-Black-Bean-Casserole

Tues - Shepherd's Pie

Wed - Artichoke, leftovers

Thurs - Southwest Chili, cornbread

Fri - Dinner w/ Gurley Family!!!

Sat - Tuna Melts on homemade bread; roasted veggies


  1. You have inspired's our menu for the week:

    Sunday - Pot Roast
    Monday - Crockpot Pulled Pork Sandwiches/oven fries
    Tuesday - Chicken and rice casserole
    Wednesday - Pasta Primavera
    Thursday - BLTs
    Friday - I'm going out, but have stuff for Chris and Max to make homemade pizza
    Saturday - oven roasted chicken and green beans

  2. sorry to hear you've been sick! what a bummer! so great to see you for a bit on thursday. can't wait for saturday!

  3. sounds yummy. when my large family was young, i planned weekly or monthly menus, and it saved my life!


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