Sunday, November 8, 2009

MEnu plan; back with a vengeance

It has been forever since I planned a menu in writing. We are starting to make one meal for little Sam (13 months now, can you believe it) and us, and we all eat together. We had a wonderful time last night as we all prepared the meal - dad did is part to carve the chicken, Sam and I made the veggies and pasta on the stove as she hung out in her sling. I think that she really enjoyed the meal better having helped to prepare it. She especially loved the spinach, lima bean, corn mixture that we made up with goats milk and some cheese and spices. She had 3 helpings!!!

I love to get ideas for menus over at Org Junkie.

Mon - Chicken Fried Rice; Cabbage casserole

Tues - Bakes Huevos

Wed - spaghetti and meatballs; salad

Thurs - Tuna w/ Apple lettuce wraps; potato wedges

Fri - Leftovers

Sat - Poor Man's Pierogies

Found a new website that I enjoyed for food:

gluten free mommy

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  1. Hey, no offense to the food...but I wanna see Mexico pictures!

    Love ya.


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