Sunday, November 22, 2009


I must have been dreaming about sleep because it was on my mind when I woke up. It has been coming up in random places lately and I was realizing how blessed we are that it isn't a focus of discussion around Samantha any more. She is turning into a little one that can sleep anywhere and loves to go to bed at night.

I bought AJ this new song that he discovered makes him think of Sam, it's Fireflies by Owl City. One DJ described it as Strawberry Bubblegum in audio form, and it truly works. It is very young sounding and has great rhythm and sounds, Sam loves it too. Anyway, it talks about sleep and how we should dream so big that we never want to wake.

In the other direction my friend Jill has been awake so much lately that she, the fabulous mother of 2, actually asked me for sleep advice for her youngest little Katie. I told her that it gave me a good laugh that she was coming to ME for advice. However, this morning I was really reflecting on the blessings that have occurred over the last year, many of which involve night feedings. I feel so pleased that we chose to really listen to ourselves and most of all Sam to decide what she needed. I can never replace those times when she needed me and I was ALWAYS there, graciously enjoying the sacrifice of my own sleep. YES that is right enjoying a lack of sleep because it was for my daughter. I especially look back with fondness now that she is a great sleeper.


  1. That is one of the blessings of being a mom, sacrifice of our selves. Congratulations! You are a mom who actually learned the greatest lesson of having children - selflessness. You a officially a great mom.
    the grandma now

  2. Thank you mom, it means a lot to hear. I learned from the best!!!

  3. Yes, you and Sam are in a good place when you can reflect back on lack of sleep with fondness. Funny, I've been thinking about the same and how my little one is doing pretty good and we didn't have to go through any sleeping training or stress to get here. Truly a blessing!


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