Friday, June 19, 2009

Good eats

AJ and I just sat down for a nice dinner together in the quiet summer eve. It is so nice to really spend time together as a family whether it is having fun or doing chores. I made something new from a 'blog friend' Shannon over at Nourishing Days. I have never even tried canned Wild Salmon but I look forward to future endeavors. It was especially surprising to me that you just leave the bones in for extra calcium and, she was correct, we didn't even notice they were in the cakes. What a surprising addition to our healthy options.

I do have to say though that there is nothing like fresh veggies from the local soil. I'm soooooo excited to have our farmers market begin in July. I simply love the walk into town every Saturday to see our 'growing friends' that bring us the most vibrant of tasties. I also always have my ideas open wide for more options to bring to our family. Since Sam is beginning to eat more and really LOVES to eat with her own two hands I'm looking for good tasting things that can just be chopped up small. One thing we've tried lately is eggs for breakfast. However, my parents are in between chickens so we don't have the great taste from their eggs(the old chickens stopped laying and the new ones are too's a lot of work to have them commingle). So, I have found a co-op in south Denver!!!!! I'm so excited and am waiting to see their products. It appears very simple with ordering online and pickup locations all along the Frontrange. So, if anyone in Colorado gets this info go check out and support High Plains Food Coop. I found them through the wonderful sight Local Harvest.


  1. Thanks for posting the co-op. Looking forward to checking out their website.

  2. What a precious baby! Love those cheeks. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  3. Did you like the salmon cakes?

    My 10 month old loves the salmon cakes, eggs, cut up dark meat chicken, raw cheese, raw kefir, orange veggies with lots of butter, and pretty much anything else I give him :).

    Thanks for participating in Food Roots. I hope to see you again on Thursday to spread the word!


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