Monday, June 8, 2009

Ok, I'm playing catchup again because we've been out of town a LOT!!!

Memorial weekend horse event with the entire family...

The Cribles, O'Briens, and McCrackens all spent memorial weekend at a wonderful horse event south of Colorado Springs. The entire family did wonderful with Amie, Dad and I all vying for the win, and in the end we all kept swapping place at the top!!! A shout out must also go to Grandma and Albert. Grandma was babysitter and most importantly the show would not have been without her organization and running of the entries and scoring. Albert was the best babysitter, groom, and picture taker. AJ came for the first day and hung out in his shorts and flip flops (getting very funny looks from the cowboys) but had to fly to work too soon. I only got a few pics because we were so busy all weekend. As you can see the horses were tired!!!!

Great Grandpa O'Brien's 90th Birthday Celebration in Miami...

We spent the week in Miami with the entire O'Brien clan (Tim and Amanda we missed you). It was such a wonderful time had by all with lots of visiting, lots of eating (around the globe from Spain, to the Mediterranean, to Venezuela), and lots of relaxation. We enjoyed the beach, multiple pools and most of all a wonderful family birthday celebration. Great Uncle Carl and Aunt Kathleen hosted a shindig at their house for G.G's Birthday, including a tasty cake in the shape of 90. The food was amazing, especially the fresh fish, caught and prepared by Uncle Carl. The entire family helped out and we even got a great family photo (in the rain). I will post this when I get it!!

Hangin' w/ Popop at the hotel, we had adjoining balcony

Surprise!! The Great's didn't know we were coming.

Lounging at the Biltmore pool

First Sandbox and Swing...

Grandma and Grandpa Cribley, in keeping with the beautiful weather we are having, are helping Sam get ready for her first summer. We now have a sandbox in our backyard (since Sam loved the Beach so much), and a swing at their house. Sam loved the beach so much that we had to rinse of in the sink at the beach because she was covered in sand.

AJ and Grandpa put the sandbox together, with a token helper Gary. Then we all had some fun going down memory lane of playing in the sand. Grandma and Sadie doing what they do best....supervising.

Grandpa and Uncle Albert had to build a support for our swing because none of us have big enough trees. It also has a swing for the bigger kids to play on.


  1. You have such great pictures and your baby keeps getting more and more precious. I love the sandbox. That was a great idea to have the sun shade on it. Whenever we need a sandbox I'll be keeping that in mind. The sun gets really hot around here so that would help keep the heat down and prevent sunburns. Glad you had a good trip to Miami.

  2. Wow, and everyone thinks your life stops when you have a child.


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