Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Day

We have been going nonstop so here is a quick update for a FIRST Dada's Day!!!! When Sam woke up she visited dad with his present in tow......we got some ear protection to be able to go with him to the car races. We can't wait to show off our pink headset at the track, especially since Daddy is going to put our name on them:)

We started the morning off with a leisurely trip to Morrison Colorado (in the foothills) for a stroll and some breakfast. It was a very peaceful family trip and lot of fun. Sadie even got to go.

Then we came home and went to work on the house........we patched our drywall holes from the water leak, then tore up our laundry room floor, sanded, primed, and laid down new tiles. It was a ton of work, our hands are really sore, but it looks amazing and feels like such an accomplishment. Sam was a trooper and helped in many ways.

Here is an indication of the trouble that we get into these days.....not only are we crawling all over the place but we love to be up on our feet!!!


  1. That last photo reminds me of one that my parents have of me. Apparently we were visiting my great aunts and I got bored. Mom says I pulled all the pots out of the cupboard and the picture has me standing in pots while I pull more stuff out. My family loves that photo/story and so do I now. Some day Sam is going to to love this photo of her as well.
    She sure is going to keep you on your toes now!! Does this mean it's time to childproof?


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