Sunday, June 14, 2009

We have crawling....

I have some great video that I will put up soon....I'm hoping to get some help from Popop with making the video!!!!

Dad's Car Show
First....we sold the now has a wonderful loving home in Fresno California!!!! This makes way for AJ to race the Camaro.....But first we had a 1st annual Car show in Castle Rock. It was a wonderful turnout with over 100 cars entered. AJ and his friend John took their 69 Camaro's down and hung out for the day.....there were a lot of really nice, and REALLY expensive cars. Grandma, Sam and I walked down and hung out for most of the day. It was a ton of fun!!!

Just a few notes to record for the 8th month.....
Sam is.......
Proficient at Zerberts
Newest sound is Da-Da.....Aj thinks she is calling h
im....ha ha...maybe soon
No teeth yet, still two white bumps down low
Loves to eat on her own....uses her thumb and pointer to pick up food like blueberries
That is all i can think of for now!! We are running around like crazy:)

Bath time is such a blast, a lot of water splashes out!!

Play time with our girlf
riend Caroline!!

Look closely for a visiter in our backyard!!!


  1. Love your latest pictures...especially of our 2 girls. Sam is so cute in the bath. Hope you are enjoying this amazing weather!

  2. Great pictures!!! Is Sam sitting on something in the bathtub? Looking forward to our time tomorrow at the Hudson Gardens!

  3. yeah for crawling. That should keep you busy!


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