Monday, May 18, 2009

And we're still going...

This morning we woke up only a little sore from the runs yesterday. So, I guess it means we survived. Now it's back to reality, back to work, and back to chores. The is month is so crazy that I'm living by my calender so that nothing is forgotten, and even then I'm sure something will not get done. Today we have our beloved Mommy play group, some shopping, and a little work. So, to help make the week a little easier and the grocery shopping a LOT easier here is the menu's for the week. Check out the other menu's for some great ideas (I did) at Organizing Junkie.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Mom and Sam on their own.....usually just fresh veggies and pasta.

Thursday - Crusted Telapia, Corn on the cob

Friday - Thai Chicken Fettuccine; Edamame

Saturday - gone to the Triple Crown Horse Event
Sunday - Still at horse event and Dad goes to work

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