Sunday, May 10, 2009

Still Catching up - I can't believe I'm a MOM!!!

I'm a Mommy!!!! 3 generations enjoy the day together.
Mom, Amie, Sam and I enjoyed high tea with a group of grandmothers, mothers and daughters.
Mom and I spent the afternoon and evening together with Sam.
The conversations ran deep,
and the moments were sweet!!

Ok, so to continue at Sharon's visit....... She delivered a disaster that turned into a blessing because she noticed some bubbling in our basement ceiling that looked like potential water damage. Well it is. So we called out the plumber and he looked everywhere externally to find the source of a leak and couldn't find anything. Then he cut into the drywall in the basement and the paper came off all moldy. This led to calling the insurance, having an inspector come out, and hiring a cleanup crew. The blessing is that we caught it early because we could not find any moisture beyond the 1 in. hole where the leak is located. So, we are currently waiting on insurance to approve the estimate and then we will demo the ceiling, find the leak, and repair everything. Thank you to friends who are observant.

Later this month we have our first horse event so we went out to the Hewlett's to play with the cows. So, Dad, Amie, and I rode the horses while Grandma watched the baby Sam. The two girls sat in the corner of the arena while we brought the cows in to work. The cows found Sam and her stroller interesting and would walk up to sniff her. I love that she is getting all these experiences that most children don't. It really came to my attention when we had some friends down to my mom's house for a swim date that Sam is exposed to numerous adventures from the horses and chickens to the pool and car races. It is so fun that she will learn so much from just living our life with us.

We met with some friends last weekend from our birthing class. We have been trying to get together with Jason, Melinda, and Ethan for the last couple of months. We felt very comfortable with them and bonded with them from the very first class together. Unfortunately they are moving to Texas later this spring but we will try to stay in touch and always cherish the time we have had to get to know them. We had a wonderful lunch, it is so nice to feel so comfortable with people immediately. We also had some wonderful conversations about God, church and how we are striving to be with our beliefs in order to provide the best foundation for Sam. They seem to be in a similar place in life as we are but possibly a little more grounded in their biblical beliefs. Of course it helps that Jason just graduated from Seminary. We look forward to many more loving discussions about the Lord.

Ok, I think I'm coming to the end of catching up.......

We have decided to sell the Chevelle instead of the Camaro. AJ is a 69 Camaro lover and it just doesn't make sense to change what he loves. Plus the Camaro is a wonderful car and can be turned into a stock race car. He is definitely more comfortable with this decision.

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  1. So glad that you caught the mold early and not before the leak or the mold got any worse. And I'm glad you enjoyed your mother's day. I have several friends who are first time mother's today, two of them by adoption. What an amazing transformation in a year. Last year this day was heart-breaking for them and today they were rejoicing in their precious gifts. It really made today a joyful one.
    If your friends are moving to the Dallas area feel free to pass along my email address. We'd be happy to be a contact for them as they get settled in and would love to invite them to join us at church.


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