Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trip to Albuquerque

Ok, I'm going to catch up with events and pictures so I think the place to start is with the stomach virus that Sam passed to the family. Sam got her 6 month shots the last week in April. 4 days post shots she ran a slight fever for 24 hours. She didn't have any other obvious problems so we just thought it was the vaccines that did it to her. At least until Mom got really ill with a stomach virus including fever and something crawling up her b*** and dying for 2 days. Then looking back it did seem like Sam had an upset stomach because she stopped eating solid foods and was extra fussy. We don't know where she got it but it put a damper on us visiting Gramsi and Popop O'B.

Well, we fought through it and by Friday I felt well enough to try and travel for the weekend so we jumped on an afternoon flight and headed down. Plus Dad had to get his teeth cleaned at the dentist and I mean REALLY needed to get them cleaned for all our sakes (just kidding)!!!

We had a wonderful time and spent wonderful days with the entire family. We visited Great-Gramsi G, took lots of walks, and celebrated Eduardo's 60th:) Also, Uncle Tim treated us to breakfast at the restaurant where he is the pastry chef, thanks Uncle Time.
Of course the weekend wasn't over with that. Monday morning early Dad (Aj) became ill with, you guessed it, a stomach virus. He was able to fly home but spent the rest of that day and the next not feeling so hot. Plus Grandma Cribley stopped eating for a couple days because we gave it to her as well. Thank goodness it didn't go any further.

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