Saturday, May 9, 2009

All The Pieces

It seems so fitting that the commercialized "Mother's Day" is tomorrow because I have really been enjoying the tiniest details of taking care of Sam lately and really noticing the small things that are piecing together as she learns and grows. I must admit that I understand now how even Hallmark can't stop me from wanting to have a day where I can be celebrated and reflect on my incredible family. I have always said that we should not need society to remind us to appreciate one another but it doesn't hurt.

The last week or so Sam has really become a bit cuddlier at night when we are winding down for bed. It seems that she is actively giving hugs and kisses (some of the time). The reward of feeling reciprocation for a love that we (AJ and I) feel so deeply towards her is incredibly fulfilling. Wow, no-one can even come close to describing the emotions involved!!

On a side note we were taking a bath last night, which of course Sam loves because she splashes and plays. Last night she did something new, she purposely lowered her mouth into the water and took a few drinks. She even looked at me as if she felt guilty or something. It was very grown up. She also is talking a lot more and adding sounds like 'Ba'. Sharon tried to teach her Chimichanga, and I'm rooting for Chi-Chi's!!!

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