Friday, May 22, 2009


Making Smores around first campfire!!!
Mom won't let me get any closer:(

Dad really sees how Sam is growing after being gone for 4 days. Today he noticed how big her feet are getting, especially compared to her hands. I guess that is part of getting ready to move around.
A couple other really adorable new moves is that she will look around things to see something. If she wants to see Sadie for example she will look around our head and over our shoulder to look at her. There is more purpose behind the desire to look at something.
I'm not sure when it happened (I'm sure it was a while ago) but she definitely knows her name, and nicknames, now. Sometimes she is just like her sister Sadie and ignores it a couple of times but she does look at whomever is calling her.
The following are some pics from attempting to eat yogurt and strawberry's all by herself. Her skin was silky smooth and smelled wonderful after this fun time. She is a very independent girl and likes to eat things on her own more then have us feed her.

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