Sunday, May 17, 2009

Race Day

It was a gorgeous day in Colorado today. Perfect for our Marathon Relay team to have the best time running through Denver. A group from our birthing class pulled together and ran 26.2 miles together for the Colfax Marathon.

Leah ran the first 10k. She had to be at the race start at 6 am. I hope that Thomas was good last night and left mom rested for the early run!!!

Vanessa (a friend of Leah's and new member to our mommy group) ran the next 5k of the race and seemed to enjoy herself although I know she was kicking herself for not training more:)

I ran the next 10k and felt great about it. I didn't really feel prepared but did it in about 1 hr. The best part was running across the line towards my wonderful husband and fabulous child.

AJ ran the next 5k and sprinted at the end. He had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed his first big running race. I think he is hooked, especially with our new running friends.
AJ at his finish (behind the lady)!!

Colleen and Kelli
Colleen ran the last 12k of the race and what a pace she set. She ran it so fast that we almost didn't see her finish because we were busy navigating through downtown. I got a great picture though and it even shows our total time (probably minus a little because I'm sure Leah was not the first at the starting line).

The best part was that we all set goals to do it and WE DID!!!!! Yeah to all of us for getting out and doing something for ourselves. Thank you for all the support.


  1. That's great! What an accomplishment. Running a marathon is a big deal. Mike ran the White Rock Lake Marathon in December so I got some first hand experience with all the hard work that goes into that. Congratulations to you and your group!


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