Monday, April 20, 2009

Sun, Fun, and Food

The snow is almost gone!!! You have to love spring snow when it traps you for a day and then turns 70 degrees and melts away. We met yesterday with our marathon relay team so that we all know who each other is to hand off at the relay points. Bob and Colleen are great captains and had the run maps printed and we estimated our run times. It is so much fun to be a part of this team and have a goal. It has helped AJ and I to get out and run together, both good for our health and our relationship.

Today is Menu day as well so go check out all the wonderful recipe ideas at Orginizing Junkie. Our list is short because we are going to be in Albuquerque the end of the week to visit the family and so AJ can go to the dentist.....Dr. Sei, AJ will travel around the world to see you.

Monday - Fish, Mashed Potatoes, veggie

Tuesday - book club; eggplant (possibly 1 or both of these recipes...1; 2)

Wednesday - Chicken/veggie Stir Fry

Thursday - Beef and Potato Curry crock pot

Friday- Sunday at the Grands

Monday - Pizza from the freezer or something easy

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