Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yesterday was a long day....

Everyone here had a long day yesterday. As I listen to Sam do everything in her power Not to take a nap....I reflect on a long day.
Thank you to Grandma for braving a long day of taking care of Sam. She was reminded of how long, exhausting, and time consuming a baby can be. They never want to stay in one place for very long and right now I think Sam is transitioning from 3 naps to 2. This makes for a noisy afternoon of strange nap times.
Plus the rolly polly girl stays busy in her crib.
Grandma had a long day because I had to work at the clinic. It was an incredibly hectic day and while easier then watching a baby, I was exhausted. I forgot how long the days can get....
AJ was busy doing car stuff and getting pics of the Camaro for the online auction. We'll let you all know when it is up and running.

AJ is off to work (at 3 this morning) and Sam and I have a busy day of playdate, swimming, errands, and some work. Little one is now asleep and i must get some dishes, laundry, grocery list done. It never ends does it!
I didn't do my meals yesterday so here is some that I'm doing:
Wednesday - corn Tacos
Saturday - chicken w/ Avacado, Potato salad
Sunday - Fish; veggies

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