Saturday, April 4, 2009

Diving Diva

Despite the freezing cold blizzard outside, today was the day Sam went under the water. We spent some time playing in the water and doing our regular exercises while Grandpa got his underwater camera ready. Keep in mind that she went under for about 2 seconds so it was not easy to get this picture.

We were too quick on the first 2 tries so we actually went under 3 times, she is such a good sport. She did well all three times. Notice her blowing bubbles and with open eyes!!!!


  1. This is the third generation of Platt's doing the swim thing early. My mom said she threw me in and I just started swimming and I took both my girls at this age to swim.

  2. cute! love the little bubbles! :)

  3. This is the third generation of O'Brien's learning the swim phase early. The only difference was that I actually learned to belly flop first (being thrown off the university of Miamis high dive) and than told to swim! I even had the umbilical cord still attached and was a couple of years older, but I have perfected the deadmans float!!!!!! YEAH O'BRIENS


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