Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Appropriate Toys

This week the Works For Me Wednesday is an April Fools Backwards day. This means that we get to put a question out there and get some ideas in return. So, my current focus is on the new mental and developmental growths that our 6 month old Sam is striving to achieve. I have already decided to do a weekly rotation of toys so that she doesn't get bored but I really want ideas on age appropriate toys that don't have too much stimulation through lights and noises. I'm all for a little external stimulation but is it really necessary for the toy shelves to be nothing put obnoxious plastic entertainment!!!

Please, help me to decide what can aid Sam in her growth over the next 6 months but not just keep her busy.

Thanks to all the moms!!


  1. I got a set of Baby Einstein nesting blocks when my daughter was about that age, and she loved picking them up & looking at the pictures - and now, two years later, she still loves them! I found mine at Costco, I think, but you can order them from Barnes & Noble.

  2. my kids rarely want whatever toys we get them. they either want their siblings things, or they want our things! i don't buy many toys anymore. the grandparents are the only ones who do that.

    I do think that the Little People sets are great and they really grow with them.

  3. At age she'll develop new interest in old toys as she learns different things that they can do. I'm a big fan of some the basic classical toys. Toys with wheels that she can learn to pull and push and ones that have enough height that she can use them to learn to walk. Also, blocks and other stackable toys or things that come apart and go back together. And toys that have a variety of textures. When you're picking toys just remember that she's learning how her actions can affect her world so anything that she can manipulate (and do so repetitively) is good. Unfortunately that is one reason why they like things that light up or make noise. I'll look for it, but I remember seeing a website around Christmas that had a lot of the classical toys from a time before everything ran on batteries! =)

  4. dylan received a bunch of great wooden toys that she loves--blocks, trains, a truck she climbs into. (although she got this stuff at 1 year--before that it was mostly rings and plush animals that we could attach to the stroller or sling with rings.)

    she did start playing with concentric cups when she was littler--they're stackable, and it was a game to knock them over and pull little blocks or animals out of them.

    the only things we got her are wooden stacking rings, and a tower with four balls and a wooden mallet to hit them through, which she loves.

    at one, my inlaws got her a leap frog music table, and it's actually not that annoying. it plays a lot of different sounds and songs, (so it's not too redundant) and dylan loves it, even six months later.

    she got a doll house and a noah's ark, and she still doesn't really play with them, but she's always loved the little hand-sized animals and people that came with them.


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