Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not many meals this week

So here is the little bit of planning that I must do this week. I actually stuck to it last week and loved it. Saturday I made frozen food with my mother and sister all afternoon. We each got 10 meals and that should last us for a while.

Monday - Roast in the crock pot; Roasted Rosemary potatoes (using my sisters infused rosemary oil)

Tuesday - Friday - at the in-laws in Albuquerque...Good eats on them!!!!

Saturday - AJ is back to work so I'll probably pull something out of the freezer

Sunday - Baked breaded Fish; rice; Lima beans

Sammie note: Sam took my finger yesterday and put it in her mouth herself. I think that she is beginning to figure out those hands. Plus we are really working on the going to sleep thing. AJ (me if he isn't home) will keep his hand on her chest or head for a little while as she sobs. Hopefully this will lessen with time and she will not fight the going to sleep thing. We did decide that we are blessed because she is a great sleeper. We actually get a good night sleep from 10-8 every night (knock on wood) with one feeding at 4 when we bring her into bed. She is also taking a 2 hour nap most late mornings, apparently this is rare so i feel extremely blessed.

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