Sunday, December 7, 2008

Missing Dad

There is no better way to see the support AJ provides then through the long days he's gone to work. The minutes drag on until his arrival back home. It probably is never said enough the appreciation that we (Sam and I) feel when he brings me coffee in bed so I can catch up on my reading in the morning.....especially since this has become his quality time playing and talking with Sam. They often cook breakfast together while telling jokes and laughing....yes Sam is only 2.5 months but her laugh is very BIG!!! There is also nothing sexier then a husband who really shares in the joy and frustration of raising our daughter....when we communicate (we try to all the time, he he) the support that his words give me is inspiring. The other night we had Sam in her cradle next to our bed. To date she has mainly been sleeping in bed with us but we are trying to have her initially fall asleep in the cradle. She was so exhausted that she was cranky. It breaks my heart when she lies alone and wimpers (not crying, just talking). AJ calmly told me to rock the cradle and let her fall to worked wonderfully and it felt impowering for her and me (well I assume her feeling here, but don't we always do that). Needless to say I haven't been able to do that any of the nights that he has been gone....we fall asleep cuddling, not such a bad way to go either!!!

AJ has come such a long way in his comfort with holding a baby.....

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